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Take Off The Blinders

June 3rd, 2009 Comments off


Would you like to wear a particular color or style but think you’re too old or too young? Do you worry about wrinkles and question whether you should invest in surgery or injections? Are you concerned about losing your job and being too inexperienced or over qualified to find a new one in today’s market?

Whenever we self-limit ourselves due to age we put on blinders to the opportunities surrounding us, opportunities that wait for us to open our eyes to them.

Too often people think that when a door closes, it’s the end. They’re again wearing blinders to opportunities, and to their own potential. AgeEsteemers know that although doors may be closed, they are never locked. It’s up to us to push them open.

Begin to grow your own AgeEsteem for the soul now, at the age you are today