Celeriac For Healthy Aging

October 9th, 2017 Comments off

Celeriac, the round bulb of the celery family, is rich in vitamin K, important for blood coagulation. Also found in the vegetable are minerals important for good functioning of the body. The calcium and phosphorous that it contains aid in strengthening bone structure.

Grandma Nature

Aging Success

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Maya Angelou had a way of expressing profound statements in simple language that we could easily understand. Age was not an issue for her. She liked herself, liked what she did and liked how she did it. She was highly successful in expressing her thoughts.

Maya Angelou was an excellent example and advocate for AgeEsteem. She was and remains a role model of a person aging with confidence, conviction and commitment. Her self-esteem and age-esteem manifested in all that she did and said. It was expressed in her humor, her poetry and her manner of living.

Success at every age is about loving yourself, enjoying what you do, and liking how you do it.

Bonnie Fatio

Spinach For Healthy Aging

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Spinach is considered erroneously to be full of iron. It has less than the quantity needed to fulfill daily requirements. However, it contains calcium, necessary for good bone structure, and magnesium, which helps muscular contractions.

Two antioxidants, vitamins C and E, are also found in valuable quantities in spinach.

Grandma Nature

Dissipate Your Fear

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Fear knows no age limit. When we are fearful the fear fills our thoughts. It affects us physically as well as emotionally.

On a recent flight to Asia I was sitting next to a middle-aged man who was gripping the arm rests so tightly that every vein in his hands were bulging as we taxied on the runway. When I asked him if it was his first flight he replied, “Oh no. I just panic at takeoff. Then the flight will be fine.”

Since takeoff is my favorite moment, I shared with him what I love about takeoff. I explained my joy of looking down the full runway as the plane turns onto it, knowing that it is the pathway to where I am going. He joined me in looking out the window at just the right moment to see what I meant. The runway is a never-ending path to the sky. Then we concentrated on the sheer joy of being pressed back into our seats as the engines thrust the plane forward and together we counted the seconds until we were airborne. By then my flight mate’s hands were relaxed and he was speaking with me easily.

Part of dominating fear is to focus your thoughts elsewhere. You cannot be preoccupied with your fear and at the same time focus your thoughts on something else. It is simply not possible. Try it next time that you have an irrational fear. Talk to yourself about something else, something interesting and positive, or strike up a conversation with someone. Your fear will lessen and even disappear.

Bonnie Fatio

Healthy Hair For Healthy Aging

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Our hair is an important part of our image. As we age, we raise many questions about how to care for our hair, since many begin to lose hair. There is also the question of how do I keep my hair healthy if am coloring it regularly.

Here are some tips from Grandma Nature suggesting things to do and not to do in order to maintain healthy hair.

• Do not wash hair daily.
• Cut hair regularly.
• Do not use the same shampoo year round.
• Do not use a hair dryer all the time. It dries the hair and can make it brittle.
• Dandruff is not a sign of unhealthy hair. Discover what the problem is so you can treat it accordingly.
• A bit of sun is good for the hair.

Healthy hair is one sign of healthy aging.

Grandma Nature

Is There a Dream Hiding Within You?

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Do you have a dream hiding within you? – Something that you have always wanted to do or to make happen?

Action towards your dream is the same as starting a journey. It begins with the first step you take. Just think how much closer to your dream you would be today if you had acted on it when you first dreamt it!

How will you feel a year from now if you do not take that first step now?

Our greatest regrets are not about what we have done; they are about what we did not do.

Begin the journey to reach your dream today!

Bonnie Fatio

Good News For Healthy Aging

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The good news is that you can eat everything! The consensus among most dieticians and nutritionists is that all kinds of food should be eaten in order to maintain a healthy body. The only drawback is not to eat too much, except for fruits and vegetables, and not to eat too much of any one food.

Advice from a dietician

  • Eat 3 main meals a day.
  • Have starch with every meal. Dark is better: bread, rice, pasta. Starch has the vitamin B complexes and is important for a strong nervous system.
  • Eat meat, fish, eggs, or another source of protein once a day to strengthen the organism. 15% of protein is needed each day.
  • Three portions of calcium are needed each day in order to regenerate strong bones and teeth. Low fat calcium products are found everywhere.
    Enjoy fruits and vegetables as much as you like. They are rich in vitamins and low in calories. However, fruits do have a lot of sugar, so if you are controlling sugar intake, three fruits a day are enough.
  • Get up and move at least a half hour each day. Go outdoors if possible, to oxygenate the body, to use up calories and to exercise the heart.

When watching weight, all of the above may be eaten in smaller quantities.

Do not deprive yourself of anything except when illnesses like diabetes or allergies are present.

Enjoy! They also say it is healthy to eat slowly and savor each bite.

Grandma Nature

Imagine Your Life Forward

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It is never too late to dream. No matter what your age, today is the first day of the rest of your life! Why not use it to imagine a fulfilling future?

Imagine all that you would like to do, see, learn and experience. Open all of your senses. What would you like to touch, feel, smell, see, hear?

What do you want your life to look like in the future? What we imagine, think about and visualize in our thoughts becomes our reality. – And only you control your thoughts.

What you say to yourself is as important as what you say to others. When you have happy, positive thoughts, you become happy.

Take time now to imagine the life that you want. Yes, it comes back to the image of the glass half full or half empty. Whether you are 10 or 110, how you live the rest of your life depends on you!

Bonnie Fatio

Black Currants For Healthy Aging

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The little black currant fruit is full of remedies.

  • It protects the heart from free radical damage.
  • One study showed that the juice improved night vision.
  • Similar to cranberries the black currant contains anti-bacterial properties that help to alleviate urinary infections.
  • Black currant tea is efficient in treating coughs and sore throats.

The little black currant is also very tasty and easy to use in juices, salads, jellies and desserts.

Grandma Nature

Making the Most of Now

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This poster speaks to me and my age-esteem. – And it speaks even louder as I gather years. It isn’t how many years I have lived or how many more years I may have. It is how much I have lived during my years here on Earth.

None of us knows how long we will live or what may lie ahead on our path. That is not in our control. What we do influences how we live each day.

Are you truly living your life? Ask yourself these five questions to get started.

• Am I fully present for others? When I am with them am I truly ‘with’ them?
• Do I consciously use my senses of sight, sound, smell, feel and taste?
• Am I doing something that will positively influence the lives of others, even though I may never see the results?
• Do I laugh each day and celebrate often?
• Do I live with emotion, passion and joy?

Add to these questions what makes you feel that you are fully “alive” as you live each day. I would love to hear your thoughts.

One of the keys to age-esteem is to live each day. Make the most of now!

Bonnie Fatio