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A free leadership mentoring program for women
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“If we aspire to positively transform our world, then we must promote women into leadership positions at all levels of society around the globe.”~ Bonnie Fatio

Having boldly made that statement, I asked myself what I, one person, could do to promote women more globally. My answer is Inspired Women Lead, a free, cross-border, cross-culture leadership mentoring program specifically for women. Mentoring designed for women to become strong leaders, recognized as such by themselves and by others.

Who is it for?
This mentoring is for the woman with a fire in her heart, who desires to lead as her authentic self, with a vision to make a positive difference in her own home and beyond: The woman who is leading and wants to step into higher leadership; who is leading and does not recognize her own leadership; who wants to become a leader; and the one in whom others recognize potential.

Presently women in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America are being mentored.

Once selected, you meet virtually via the Internet with your mentor individually twice a month. Your personal concerns and a monthly leadership theme guide the mentoring.

A group Q&A session each month allows mentees to meet and to create a global network. Some group calls will prepare you to become a mentor.

What is my investment?
Inspired Women Lead mentoring is free. You pay nothing. However, you do investment time and effort.

You will sign a pledge to be fully present at all leadership mentoring sessions including group calls, and to mentor at least one other woman using the Inspired Women Lead leadership mentoring program.

The total commitment of being mentored and mentoring at least one other woman is for 12 months: Six months to be mentored and six months to mentor another.

Contact us to learn more.

There are several ways you can be involved.

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