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Cherries For Healthy Aging

July 23rd, 2015 Comments off

cherriesCherries For Healthy Aging

Cherry season is a healthy season for us as we age. Sweet and sour cherries are very beneficial for good health.

Sour cherries have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and are rich in antioxidants.  One study has found that reduction in pain from arthritis is a positive effect of sour cherries on the body.

Sweet cherries are rich in vitamin C.  They lower the level of urates in the blood, thus reducing the risk of gout.  Cherries maintain their health benefits after being cooked as well.

Foods such as cherries are also beneficial for our age-esteem. When we pick cherries we exercise many muscles as we stretch and bend. If we share the cherry picking or eating with others it creates a valuable social experience. And why not tap into your creative juices to make something new with the cherries? All of these ideas, added to the healthy benefits to your body, will also enhance your age-esteem.

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Carrots For Healthy Aging

June 11th, 2015 Comments off


Carrots For Healthy Aging

 The orange substance in carrots is beta-carotene.  Beta-carotene contains lutein and lycopene. Both substances are very important for general good eyesight and night vision.  Beta-carotene is also thought to reduce some cancers.

Some nutrients disappear and the color becomes less bright as soon as the carrots are picked. This indicates the loss of some of the healthy nutrients in the vegetable.

To get the greatest benefit:

  • Eat carrots soon after they are picked;
  • Purchase carrots in small quantities; and
  • Replace carrots often so they will be fresher.

Carrots provide an easy snack. Eat them often to benefit from the beta-carotene they provide.

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Avocados For Healthy Aging

June 4th, 2015 Comments off


Avocados For Healthy Aging

 An avocado a day can be very helpful for your heart health.

Avocados contain high levels of vitamin E, iron and potassium. Even though they are high in fat, it is the good fat, which controls cholesterol levels and is important to heart health.

In addition avocado contains as a substance that, when it is eaten in the evening, helps to improve sleep and relaxation.

Add avocado to your salads, eat it directly out of its skin, or enjoy it in guacamole. There are many ways to add avocado to your diet for healthy aging.

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Lettuce For Healthy Aging

May 28th, 2015 Comments off


Lettuce For Healthy Aging

 Lettuce is loaded with nutrients. There are many different varieties of lettuce and they are all rich in vitamins A, C and K, and in dietary fibers.  Minerals, especially iron, are also found in lettuce.

It seems that the romaine or cos salad, as it is called, has the highest level of nutrients among the green leaf lettuces.  However, the mixture of green and red small leaf salad found today is the most valuable because of the phytonutrients – the mixture of colors. The darker the leaves the richer the lettuce is in nutrients.

To enhance the nutritional value use olive oil in the dressing.

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Beetroots For Healthy Aging

May 21st, 2015 Comments off

beet roots

Beetroots for Healthy Aging

 Beetroots were used initially to treat liver conditions. They contain a substance, which detoxifies the colon.  Beetroots are thought to aid in eliminating some cancers.  Containing an amino acid, which keeps the intestines healthy, when roasted beetroots still maintain health benefits.

One delicious way to eat them is to cut them up into little cubes and add them to your salad.

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Broccoli For Healthy Aging

May 7th, 2015 Comments off


Broccoli For Healthy Aging

Broccoli is a powerhouse vegetable for the body.  It contains vitamins A, B and C, which boost the body’s antioxidant level. This is especially essential as one ages in order to balance the chemicals in the body.  An imbalance of them can cause heart disease or even some cancers.  Broccoli is packed with iron and contains lots of fiber.

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Raw Tomatoes For Healthy Aging

March 26th, 2015 Comments off


Raw Tomatoes For Healthy Aging

Raw tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and in lycopene, which because of its antioxidants protect the body from cancer and cardio vascular disease.

Eaten regularly and over a long period of time, tomatoes reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. This includes tomato-based foods such as ketchup.

Tomatoes also contain fiber and vitamins E and B, and minerals such as potassium, which help to lower blood pressure. Low in calories, the tomato is a good a source of weight control.

Next time you are at the grocery store pick up some tomatoes for healthy aging.

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Eliminating Toxins For Healthy Aging

March 12th, 2015 Comments off


Eliminating Toxins For Healthy Aging

One of the main health problems today is having too many toxins in the body from the foods we eat and all the pesticides used in their cultivation.  But Mother Nature has her cure. – There are many fruits and vegetables, which if eaten regularly, can eliminate these toxins and help keep you healthy as you age.


  • The artichoke, a diuretic that also stimulates bile, enables the evacuation of toxins.
  • Parsley is a diuretic in stimulating the kidneys.
  • Asparagus, a diuretic that eliminates toxins from the body and has fibers, which aid in good functioning of the intestines.
  • Leeks and onions, which are rich in fiber, purify the intestines.
  • Watercress increases the enzymes to disintoxicate and boosts the regeneration of red blood cells.
  • Cabbage in all its forms and colors is a wonderful detox vegetable because it stimulates the liver.


  • Kiwi eliminates toxins accumulated from alcohol.
  • Melon is highly diuretic and cleanses the intestines.
  • Rhubarb favors the circulation of water and cleanses the tissues.
  • The apple because of its particular fiber, pectin, favors the elimination of toxic metals in the body.
  • Strawberries are good for draining the liver.
  • Lemon cleanses the digestive system and stimulates the kidneys to eliminate toxins.

Next time you are shopping, choose these fruits and vegetables so that Mother Nature can help you eliminate toxins from your body for healthy aging.

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Chocolate For Healthy Aging

September 24th, 2014 Comments off

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Chocolate For Healthy Aging

 Have you heard the expression, “If you are feeling down or stressed, have a piece of chocolate”?

Chocolate has multiple qualities.

  • Anandamide, which stimulates blissful feelings, is in chocolate.
  • Chocolate contains a good quantity of magnesium, which gives energy.
  • Rich in antioxidants as well chocolate protects the body against the aging of cells.
  • B vitamins, associated with brain health, are also found in chocolate.

Dark chocolate is best as it is lowest in sugar, while white chocolate is to be avoided as it contains mostly sugar and coco butter.

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Drinking Wine For Healthy Aging

September 17th, 2014 Comments off


Drinking Wine For Healthy Aging

Recent studies from various countries have found that drinking wine with meals helps to prevent cardio-vascular diseases and grant a longer life. A couple of glasses of red or white wine is effective, and this is valid for women as well as men.

Tea after a meal with wine is found to be more preventative than coffee.

The studies also showed that along with drinking wine you should do some exercise, but in any case, the wine improved good heart health.

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