AgeEsteem Book

Live your life fully at every age with a positive attitude using simple techniques and concepts that you can test and assimilate immediately.

Discover, renew and enhance your passions.

Tips with vignettes and humor help you let go of fear, anger and failure and transform them into newfound power.

Quotes and facts encourage you to move forward with purpose, knowing that you can and need to use your talents.

This book is being used for self-esteem programs by the YWCA in the United States and Taiwan.

AgeEsteem: Growing a Positive Attitude Toward Aging is published by Morgan James, New York.

The book  is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also purchase it directly at your local bookstore.



Comments About The Book

“I will recommend Bonnie’s new guidebook on how to accomplish successful aging to all of my friends! As a neuroscientist, I have worked on the aging process in the brain and it has become increasingly clear that not only are nutrition and exercise beneficial in delaying the process of ageing, but also one’s state of mind can play a major role. Bonnie Fatio provides an insightful message into how one can achieve successful ageing in a series of straight-forward steps that we can all accomplish in our daily lives. AgeEsteem is extremely timely in our youth-oriented society.”

Dr. Ann C. Kato

Professor of Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine

University of Geneva, Switzerland

“Your examples are delightful, especially the Deb light bulb moment. And, of course, the little boy’s question: “Are you dead, lady?“ Suzanne Hough, Oklahoma

Bonnie is one of those natural storytellers whose passion for making the world better through AgeEsteem is inspiring. How much better we would all be if we lived these pages.” Henry Strober, Michigan








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