About Bonnie

BBonnie Fatioonnie Fatio, founder of AgeEsteem®, inspires and challenges audiences around the world. For more than 20 years, she has specialized in motivation and its power to influence positive change in individuals and organizations.

Bonnie envisions a world where age and aging are celebrated and people of all ages are respected as contributing members of society. 

“For this to happen, each of us needs to feel good about ourselves at the age we are,” she says.

AgeEsteem does just that: it motivates and challenges you to reach new heights in the prime of your life. Now in her 70s, Bonnie feels that life becomes more exciting each day!

Commitment to Helping People of All Ages Shine

AgeEsteem is a natural offspring of Bonnie’s personal life experiences and professional career. She is founding partner of Blewfield Associates, a Geneva-based organization specializing in motivating and helping people shine through their special talents and interests, both in their work and their personal lives.

Throughout her career, Bonnie has had a deep passion for issues related to an individual’s contribution to society during his or her golden years. As an example of this commitment, she served on the board of directors of several retirement homes for people of varying degrees of care needs. She also provided coaching to both individuals and groups about life values as retirement approaches.

To bolster her client programs, Bonnie conducted substantial primary research on the perceived challenges and solutions to having personal esteem as individuals ‘age.’ She discovered Three I’s of common concern as people age, after health and financial issues. These Three I’s are feeling Invisible, Incompetent, and Insignificant. The antidote is Age Esteem.

Local and Global Community Involvement

Bonnie has held numerous community leadership positions, including in local government. In her role as Global Ambassador of Women’s Leadership of the World YWCA, she introduced a model of Intergenerational Shared Leadership and was a catalyst for a mentoring model for champions of young women’s leadership.

She currently serves on the board of Legacy® and is a founding partner of MsGinko. Before founding her own businesses, she held management positions in education, business and health care.

Mentoring Women to Lead Globally

Most recently Bonnie has founded Inspired Women Lead (IWL), with the premise that each woman leader mentor a woman living in another country and culture. Already women in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America are being mentored to lead globally. The program is free. Each mentee signs a pledge to be fully present for the six-month leadership mentoring program and to then mentor another woman for six months using the IWL mentoring model.

Bonnie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education from Michigan State University, and a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Development from Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bonnie, who grew up in the Midwest, holds both an American and Swiss citizenship.

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