Physical Health

April 12th, 2020

3rd is our Physical Health which has to do with movement, rest, drinking, breathing, and eating the right foods

Physical health seems obvious to us; however, it is also an area of health we tend to overlook, so let’s look at it now.

Beginning with exercise let’s look at the different aspects of physical health. As we’re aging, we don’t necessarily want strenuous aerobic exercise. What we do need is physical activity; we need movement.

  • One of the best and simplest activities for your physical health is walking. If you are in a low populated area, you may still find a time when you can take a brisk walk without coming into contact with others. 
  • If you’re not able to get out and walk any distance, then why not put on some music and just move to the rhythm or dance? What is important is to move, to be active.
  • Are you sitting much of the day? Then you can set a timer to remind yourself to stand up, turn around, and go get something to drink every 20 minutes.
  • If you need motivation, search programs on the Web for exercise, dance, yoga, tai chi, and breathing for older people. A favorite of friends of mine is Eldergym which includes exercises to strengthen specific parts of the body and to alleviate pain.

Remember, the goal is to remain active to preserve mobility, strength, and balance. Age-esteemers know that movement is key to aging well.

Bonnie Fatio

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