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Remaining Healthy During COVID-19

March 29th, 2020

How to take care of yourself and continue to enhance your age-esteem during the threat of Coronavirus.

It is smart to remember that we are high risk for Coronavirus  (COVID-19) when we are part of the over 65 population. However, health information I will share over the next weeks is important for people of all ages and stages of life. – And I care about each of you!

When you are in good health, you are happier, healthier, and less susceptible to disease, so it’s important to look at your total health.

I attended a webinar of FWoC (Female Wave of Change), a partner of Inspired Women Lead which I founded in 2016. During the webinar, Dr. Shashi Goel presented eight areas for each of us to include in our health plan. She emphasized that each of these eight areas contributes to our overall mental health, and therefore the way we live during these days of uncertainty – which means they are powerful contributors to our age-esteem.

Over the years we have dealt with these eight areas in various blogs. During the next weeks, I will feature one of the eight areas of health every two days. As always, I will strive to give you concrete examples of what you can do, even without leaving your home.

it’s not enough to ask what you can do to prevent COVID-19 such as washing your hands, wearing a mask, remaining at home and not having contact with other people. You need to also be actively developing and maintaining your health.

Most often when speaking of health, physical health comes to mind. Physical health is undeniably important. However, to be healthy we must take a holistic view. So, let’s look at the multiple areas where we can influence our health. These include social health, emotional health, spiritual health, environmental health, intellectual health, occupational health, financial health, as well as physical health.

Each of these areas of health is dependent on each of the others; we need all of them if we are to be wholly healthy. Each is a key to our age-esteem.

Bonnie Fatio

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