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Renaissance Girl

March 15th, 2018

At last, I have found a new term to describe many of our modern young girls. – Girls who are much more than beautiful or pretty or cute. It is an expression to replace the plastic face and figure of Barbie with the depth and potential within the uniqueness of these girls.

It began when our ten-year-old granddaughter shared with me her history homework about the Middle Ages. It is an interesting historical period to study because there is the romantic concept of knights and royalty.

I made the comment to her that the Renaissance period will be even more interesting since she is a Renaissance Girl. That tickled her interest. “What is a Renaissance Girl?”, she asked. – And I realized that I had found the perfect term to describe her qualities.

She is a normal preteen. She does not excel in everything. However, she is a versatile, well-rounded person who is active in many different areas. She is fascinated by math, science, history, nature, travel to new places, and devours books and masters technology. She is active in sports, can play a tune on the piano, sing and hip-hop. She also has a good sense of humor and says what she thinks.

Yes, she is a Renaissance Girl!

I wish someone had given me that title as a preteen. You see, Age Esteem begins when you are young. How you see yourself and feel about yourself at each age and stage in life influences how you grow old and even your longevity.

Helping young girls recognize themselves as Renaissance Girls is also good for our age-esteem and health today, because intergenerational relationships keep us up-to-date and relevant, and therefore more vital.

Bonnie Fatio

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