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What influence do you have on the younger generation?

March 12th, 2018

Have you put much thought into what it means to be part of an older generation?  One of the largest generations in history that has a wealth of skills and experience. The generation that has pushed their rocking chairs aside to go skydiving, rock climbing and dancing.

So, what influence do you have on the younger generations? Specifically, what role does a Grandfather play in the life of a grandson?

As boys age they transform through different stages:

In the early years they are focused on strong love and security. At this stage, they tend to prefer the natural advantages of their mother, however grandparents can provide unconditional love and create those fundamental connections needed for the future.  

After the age of six, a boy will look around to see how to do “maleness.” The male role models in his life become his focus. At this stage boys need to learn the effects of their own strength and how they can control it.

Beginning at the age of 14 boys search out input from male mentors, other than his father. This is where grandfathers wield incredible influence and offer wise advice with a unique perspective on life.

AgeEsteem shines through the older generation creating a foundation for the younger generation.

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