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Offer a Gift of Love

February 22nd, 2018

Jessica, our five-year-old granddaughter, came skipping towards me cradling something in her hands. “Look Baline! (her special name for me) Look, what I made for you!” Her little face was beaming with joy and anticipation as she gently opened her hands to present me with her gift.

There, carefully cradled in her hands was a leaf sandwich—a dark green leaf stuffed with colorful buds. Its beauty took my breath away. As I hugged Jessica and thanked her for this precious gift, I thought, “What a beautiful expression of love!”

Jessica’s gift carries an important message during this month of St. Valentine’s and romantic love.

We did not need to fly around in a frenzy trying to find just the right card to say, “I love you”. Nor should we concentrate our expressions of love on one day of the year. Instead, let’s do what comes naturally to a child.

Offer a gift of love! Offer an expression of love when the spirit moves you. Express your love in multiple ways throughout the year.
We each need love at every age. It is our sustenance and emotional energizer at every age and stage of life.

There are many ways to express love, including a dark green leaf sandwich stuffed with colorful little flowers. Love is our greatest gift.

Bonnie Fatio

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