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An AgeEsteem Valentine Wish

February 14th, 2018

May you

Smile with affection at your reflection in the mirror.

Stand in awe of the sun as it sets, stimulating a palette of colors across the sky.

Reach out to another person who seems lonely or sad or simply in need of a friend.

Open your mind to hear the opposing views of others.

Find a way to dance, sing and play each day.

Accept gifts and help from others.

Hold the hand of a child and the hand of an elder.

Laugh with complete abandon.

Feel happy and valued and loved.

Hug someone spontaneously.

Praise others lavishly.

Encourage, support and open opportunities for others.

Feel gratitude for the goodness of each day.

Tell others unabashedly that you love them.

Share your talents and recognize your contribution.

Yes, these are what I wish for you on this day of celebration of love. They are, after all, what love is all about.

May Every Day be a Day of Love!

Bonnie Fatio

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