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Adopting Hygge To Beat the Winter Blues

January 11th, 2018

Winter can become tedious and isolating as the snow falls thicken the air and icy sidewalks make it hazardous to walk very far. Add to this the shortened days which are often grey, and it is not surprising that people get depressed. This may be even more common for us as we age and are fearful of falls.

Several articles in the press are speaking about the Danish cure, Hygge. It seems that the Danish, who spend long winter months with very little daylight, are nevertheless rated as the happiest people. They attribute this to Hygge, which is a way of life with many commonalities to AgeEsteem. Among these is to create moments with others on a regular basis; do things that bring you pleasure and add pizzazz to your life such as singing, dancing, walking in nature; create a cozy atmosphere by using candles rather than electric lights. Another excellent suggestion in an article by Kate McCarthy for Next Avenue, is to “limit alone screen time” though she suggests the advantage of viewing special TV programs with friends.

Happiness, whether it be with Hygge or with AgeEsteem, is a choice. Another solution to beating the winter blues is to decide to be happy.

Have a happy winter!

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