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Start the New Year Fresh

January 4th, 2018

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed as you begin the new year? Is there too much going on to be able to properly plan for the future? It is easy to feel overwhelmed as the holidays subside and the new year takes hold.

Here is a simple tip to wipe out the feeling of too much to deal with. – Clear out the clutter!

It is amazing the effect that a clean, uncluttered room can have on your mind and emotions. It is as though you throw out the mind clutter and emotional mess at the same time.

Does it make you anxious to look at the photo above with all the clutter? It does me. Think of what that same space would look like after the person had filled a few bins with waste and give-aways.  If you are like me, even just imagining it makes me feel lighter.

Try it in reality. Chose a room and begin to sift through the piles. Be ruthless. Throw things out! If you have not read something in the last six months or needed to refer to a paper for the last 12, throw them out. Have a shredding party. Next, get a couple of plastic baskets and use one for things to give away to the local charity or church bazaar. Use the other for the books that you will never read again and which could be useful in a library, school, or book sale.  It is freeing to see the top of your desk or table. Do a little bit each day. Within a week you will find that not only is your room less cluttered, so are you. – And your new year begins as a fresh beginning!

Bonnie Fatio

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