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The Power of A Dream

August 3rd, 2017

– It is never too late to dream –

“If everyone tells you it’s possible, then you are not dreaming big enough.” – Bertrand Piccard & André Borschberg

Watch this 360 video about Solar Impulse, Explorers Of The Impossible.

The vision was to fly an airplane using only renewable energy. There is no noise, no pollution and no fuel. It is new technology. 100% renewable energy.

“When people think something is impossible they stimulate you to find new solutions and be creative… This is what drives us to show the power of a dream, the power of perseverance.”

I was struck by the pilots’ comments that they purposely went to experts in other fields when designing/building the airplane so that no preconceived ideas would limit them (for example the huge sheets of carbon were created by shipbuilders, not the airplane manufacturers).

“People thought we were crazy. It was a nice feeling. When people tell you it is possible, it means you are not ambitious enough.”

They believed in this dream, the vision, and understood that every question had a solution.

“They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.”

Believe in the power of dreams!

Bonnie Fatio

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