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Reliving Age 25 With All I Know Now

July 24th, 2017

To continue the conversation at a retirement party (Ah, To Be 25 Again) discussing “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be 25 again”, I asked the person if he really meant it. He said “Yes, especially if I could be 25 years old and know all that I know today.”

It is probable that 25-year- olds today do know as much as their grandparents knew when they were 60. The ease of communication and access to information has grown exponentially. A 25-year- old person today has access to more information in a few minutes than our grandparents had in a several years.

If this is the case for the 25-year- old, it is also true for us who are 50, 62 or 87. We too had greater access to information than our grandparents had.

The critical difference is the ‘living’ that we have acquired. – The experiences with both positive and difficult passages that have taught us what we could never learn in a classroom or on the Internet. These experiences include people we have met, places we have traveled, foods, flavors and aromas that have tickled our senses. They include childbirth, illness, accidents, healing and death. They include love, despair, joy, grief, forgiveness, gratitude, passion, spiritual awareness, empathy and understanding.

Would you choose to give up all that you have lived since age 25 in order to be 25 again ‘knowing’ what you know today? Maybe you would. Or perhaps you are like me, filled with age esteem and loving the experience of living each age and each stage realizing that each day brings a new beginning.

Personally, I would not want to be 25 again and to miss out on these past 44 years of living and learning. It seems to be a poor exchange to trade these years of experiencing life in order to be in a younger body and simply ‘know’ without having gone through the process of living.

What about you? Would you trade the years you have lived since the age of 25?

Bonnie Fatio

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