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A New Lesson In Unconditional Love

July 17th, 2017

As I started to settle onto one of the benches in St. Michael Shrine in Tarpon Springs, Florida a woman came towards me. There was something in her bearing that made me stand up even though I had not seen her before.

She came directly to me, wrapped her arms around me and simply said, “I love you. Be happy.”

It was without surprise that I hugged her in return saying, “I love you. I am happy.”

How simple it is to share the joy of love by hugging a complete stranger, saying “I love you”, and encouraging them to be happy.

There have been odd moments when I have hugged a stranger. I also do tell people that I love them. But to do all of this at the same time to a complete stranger? – That was a new lesson in unconditional love.

Bonnie Fatio

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