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Perseverance – Practice Makes Perfect

July 13th, 2017

It’s no fun having a sore joint. In fact its downright painful! At the same time, being less than one’s usual self can bring positive lessons, increase one’s awareness of what others go through regularly on a day-to- day basis, and teach us how to be better persons.

One of these lessons is perseverance. Practice does improve performance. But we must stay with it and persist. The first day that I climbed on the stationary bike at the clinic, there was a very old gentleman on the bike next to me. As I peddled at my gentle speed, I glanced over at the controls on his cycle. Wow! He was climbing mountains compared to me.

When I told him how impressed I was with his capacity to bike up difficult grades, he turned to me and said, “I have had to build up to this. When I began three weeks ago, I could do less than you are. But I have worked at it each day and it has paid off. I now climb steep grades and can still find my breath to speak with you.”

The key is perseverance! – A key to keeping strong with age-esteem at every age.

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