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How Do You Define Abundance?

July 6th, 2017

What is your abundance made up of? Is it money, jewelry and designer clothes? Do you count it as your friends and family? Is it waking up in the morning knowing you have the gift of a new day to open and discover? Do you consider the fragrance of the flowers and sounds of a bird chirping or water running in a stream as part of your treasures? Is the simple fact that you have a job with a regular income or the skills to find such a job part of your fortune?

When Maya Angelou was a young girl she was so depressed and unsure of herself that she considered suicide. A teacher took her aside and told her, “Sit down and write everything that you are thankful for.” When she replied that she had nothing to be thankful for, her teacher said, “You might begin with the simple fact that you can hold a pencil and write.” Realizing our abundance helps us to uncover an untapped potential that is waiting to be called on. Look at all that Maya Angelou has accomplished since that time and the lives that she has positively touched.

Each of us has potential that can be freed by looking at the abundance and goodness around us. When we lighten our lives by seeing the fortune that we have we are not only happier and more confident, we also become a magnet for others. There is a goodness in abundance that creates more goodness and more abundance. Look around you. The abundance is there. It just needs to be defined and appreciated.

AgeEsteem is recognizing the abundance around you as a key to healthy aging.
Bonnie Fatio

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