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July 3rd, 2017

Do you feel that abundance surrounds you? Do you think that it all belongs to someone else? Or, are you sometimes overwhelmed with wonder at how fortunate you are?

Abundance is having all that you need and want. Different people have varying perspectives. Much depends on how we define what abundance includes. Do you measure it by the number of things that you have acquired? Do you feel blessed because you are healthy and have enough to eat? Do you relish the abundance of beauty that surrounds you?

Often as people age money becomes a concern. Will I have enough to put food on the table, pay the rent, and pay the medical bills? However, abundance is not just a question of money.

My Dad used to say that we were rich because we were healthy and happy. We kept healthy habits, ate balanced meals and took dental hygiene seriously. During childhood our extra perks were picnics on the beach to watch a stunning sunset, or on a summer evening catching fire flies and giggling with friends as we pointed our elbow to a star and wished on it out loud. We were giddy with abundance. No one needed a second pair of shoes or a designer shirt to feel rich. The coolest of the cool was to have bottle pop tops stuck onto your shirt, the more the better.

Some of these perks have changed over the years, although picnics, fire flies, sunsets and giggling remain as part of our abundance. I believe they are also important to our age-esteem. Age-esteem can also make us giddy with abundance when we focus on the stars and sunsets.

Bonnie Fatio

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