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Pat Iyer’s podcast with Bonnie on Legal Nurse

February 13th, 2017

Bonnie-Fatio-PollockHow to Combat Your Worst Enemy

Listen to the Podcast

Bonnie Fatio personifies age esteem. Bonnie guides and challenges us to face our worst enemy. She helps us think differently about ourselves in order to set our inner self free to shine, share our talents and act on our dreams at every age.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Bonnie Fatio chat about these points:

  • What does age esteem mean?
  • What are the stereotypes that exist about older adults?
  • How we can overcome all this stereotyping
  • How to transform your thoughts and your language to embrace age esteem
  • Who is your worst enemy?
  • Why we need to have people around us who stimulate us and who challenge us
  • Relationships you have as a child are going to influence how positively and healthily you age
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