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I Don’t Want To Be Called Grandma

September 19th, 2016


I Don’t Want To Be Called Grandma

This is a comment that I hear often. “I don’t want to be called Grandma. It makes me feel old.”

Why is this? Based on my years of work with AgeEsteem with people in multiple countries, I am convinced that it is because our own image of what a grandparent represents has not evolved. We still hold a picture in our minds of our own grandparents as they were two generations ago.

We need to up date our own thinking!

When our first granddaughter was expected, people asked me, “What do you want her to call you?” My answer was that I was unsure. – Perhaps Grandma Bonnie, perhaps just Grandma. I thought that it would be clear to me once she was born. However, when Jessica entered the world I was still uncertain, though I referred to myself as Grandma.

Jessica took the situation into her own hands when she began to speak. She was probably trying to copy her parents and call me Bonnie, but it came out as “Baline”. She is now four and the name has been confirmed by her younger sister, Viviane. Baline I am and Baline I will remain.

I lovingly say that Baline is a cross between a “baleine” which is the French word for whale and a “ballerine”, French for ballerina! It fits me well.

No matter what name or title is used, I am proud to be a grandmother! I delight in my special relationship as grandmother to these two little girls.   Being Grandma is precious to me!

Bonnie Fatio (2011)

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