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Wine For Healthy Aging

March 1st, 2016

Red wine in glass with grape

Wine For Healthy Aging

Although I would not encourage non-drinkers to drink, those of you who do drink alcohol will be interested in these health reasons for sipping some wine daily.

More and more studies show that a glass or two of wine per day is good for you as you age. It benefits your cardio-vascular health.  It was thought that it is red wine that protects the heart because of a substance in the red skin of the grapes, but it is now proven that red or white wine is beneficial.

Every wine has an element that is good for some ailment. This depends on the region where the grapes grow and the minerals in that particular soil.

Wine has a relaxing effect as well and can add just the right touch to a meal.  After all it was the monk Dom Pérignon who created the epitome of wine, champagne!

However, too much alcohol can lead to high blood pressure so wine consumption should be moderate.  Limit yourself to one or two glasses a day for health as you age.

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