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Say “Yes” to 2016!

January 3rd, 2016

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One of the many keys to living with age-esteem is to acknowledge that you have control over the realities of your life.

When I was 12 years old and leaving for summer camp, I said to my mother, “I wonder if I will have any fun. I don’t have any friends going to this camp.” My mother stopped what she was doing, looked me straight in the eyes and asked, “Do you want to have fun?” “Oh, yes!” I replied. “Then decide right now that you are going to have a good time, and you will,” she said simply. I had a fabulous time at camp.

Does this sound too simple?

Assuring your happiness during this new year really can be as simple as deciding what kind of a life you will have in 2016 and then embracing each day as it unfolds.

People with age-esteem know that the number of years you have lived have less influence on your health and happiness than your  attitude. Anticipate happy moments and they will be yours.

Say “Yes” to 2016 and bask in its joys!

Happy New Year!

Bonnie Fatio

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