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Calcium For Healthy Aging

August 6th, 2015


Calcium For Healthy Aging

We all know about calcium, how good and necessary it is for strong bones and teeth. We all probably know as well in what foods high quantities of calcium are found such as milk, cheese and yogurt among others.

Latest studies show that calcium is also helpful in maintaining the arteries and a healthy heart. It is the only natural nutrient which plays this double role. In fact, it is known to lower blood pressure. This wonder mineral also aids in weight loss, eliminating bad fat.

However, most recent research in various countries and through many tests show that in order for calcium to be assimilated in the body and deposited where it should be, in the bones and the blood, and perform its miracles, vitamin K2 is needed. Where is vitamin K2 found?

For many years the Japanese have known the benefits of menaquinones which is found in vitamin K2. The highest amount is in a food called natto (fermented soja) which they eat in abundance. In other parts of the world where this food is not consumed one can get vitamin K2 in the following foods: dark green vegetables, meat, eggs and high fat dairy products.

A balanced diet, by eating a variety of food, will supply enough vitamin K2 so that one will feel healthy and strong because of the assimilation of calcium in the body.

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