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Tips To Avoid Intestinal Gas

July 2nd, 2014


Tips To Avoid Intestinal Gas

In certain instances gas is produced during the digestive process. This can lead to bloating and flatulence.

Some foods that aid in intestinal gas accumulation are rice, wheat, oat and corn cereals, raw vegetables, fruit, cabbage, dried beans, onions, and white bread to list a few.

Here are six good habits to adopt for healthy aging in order to prevent or aid this problem: 
1.    Eat several small meals with less fat and smaller portions, and chew food well. 
2.    Avoid carbonated drinks. 
3.    Walk for 15 minutes after having eaten a meal.
4.    Drink herbal teas. 
5.    Avoid stress, which is a key to bloating. The digestive system is connected to the nervous system and thus affects how food is processed in the body.

Since we often find ourselves eating alone as we get older, let me also add an Age Esteem tip. Take time to enjoy your meal. Even if you are eating alone, sit down to eat at a table you have set with attention. Use your good china and a colorful napkin. And why not add a candle or flowers? After all, you are worth the extra effort. – And it will ease your digestion.

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