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The Therapeutic Virtues Of Grapes

February 27th, 2012

What an attractive fruit, hanging on its vine, like purple and green decorations.  The various colors bring appetizing appeal as one chooses which to buy. – Green, light purple, dark purple, small, larger?

Since antiquity grapes have been known to have therapeutic virtues.  They were eaten to fight against various illnesses like gout and obesity, and they aid in digestion because of the fiber found in the seeds. Many people do a grape cure to clean out the body.  Rich in minerals, grapes have a good amount of iron and potassium as well as vitamins A, B and C.

Grapes should be stored in a cool place like the refrigerator or cellar if not eaten right away.

As sugar is an important part of the fruit, grapes are utilized as an anti-fatigue cure as well.  They bring a lot of energy to the body at a time when one might be feeling lethargic.

Then, of course, there is wine, beneficial for cardio-vascular conditions, which is produced from grapes.  Furthermore, as a food, stuffed vine leaves are a delicacy.  Picked from the vine, the leaves are prepared by boiling and then can be stuffed with whatever one chooses.

Now that you know their benefits, add grapes to your shopping list and feel invigorated.

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