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Secrets of Age Esteem

November 12th, 2010

SilviaSilvia Glatthard, 80, Swiss

Age Esteem is how you should try to manage your age.  How to deal with your age.  You should take aging as a normal thing.  It is natural to become old and older.  You should not do anything to go against that.  Accept it and just be happy and be thankful all the time.  I try to be like that and I am.

Secrets of AgeEsteemSilvia’s Tips:  Attitude.  This is my nature.  My mother had the same spirit. Just go along and make the most out of every day each day and be happy.  I have good friends.  Where I live everybody knows me.  When I go around everyone call outs to me.  The other side is that everybody knows everything about everyone else, but I don’t mind that.

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