Let Your Inner Child Loose

November 6th, 2010

buried in leaves

Lessons of Autumn

Do you remember rolling in the Autumn leaves?  Most of us who grew up in areas of the globe where Fall is synonymous with Autumn leaves spent happy moments of our childhood jumping into piles of leaves and scattering them with zest.

The other day as I was walking through the park I noticed several people watching me with looks of amusement.  When I began to wonder why, I realized that I was gleefully kicking leaves as I shuffled through them enjoying the swishy sound that they made and the crisp feel around my ankles.  Is there supposed to be an age limit for such pleasures?  Surely not, I decided as I alternated with kicking a chestnut ahead of me on the path.

We need to let our inner child loose more often.  There is no age for feeling happy and connecting with your inner child.  Play and laughter are among the healthy keys to age esteem, to feeling good about yourself at the age you are today, every day.  Play and laugh in the autumn leaves.

  • Borrow a child and rake a pile of leaves in your yard, a park or the countryside and delight in jumping and lying in the leaves.  Scatter them.  Throw them at each other.  Enjoy.
  • Walk along a lane lined with leaves.  Shuffle through them.  Kick them at you walk, marching like a soldier.
  • Use a chestnut as a baby ball and kick it ahead of you on the path.  You may take turns with the child or each have your own and race with them.

Note:  If anyone stops you in the midst of your play and laughter, tell them that you are practicing an Age Esteem inner child technique.

Bonnie Fatio

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