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Slow Down, Take It Easy

November 4th, 2010

view of sky

Autumn Lessons

Switzerland has a new campaign to remind drivers to “Slow down, take it easy”.  Whether or not we drive, this is good advice.  Slow down.  We all gain when we take time to slow down, step out of our routine, get a new perspective, re-evaluate and renew.  It also helps build our age esteem.  How do I want my life to be?

  • Take a walk among trees and breathe in the odors of autumn.
  • Lie on the autumn floor to get a new perspective of the trees and colors.
  • Sit quietly with your eyes shut and commune with nature through the smells, sounds and feel.
  • Feast your eyes on the beauty that surrounds you.
  • Write your thoughts in a journal while in the midst of nature, allowing your thoughts to flow directly to your pen with no sensorship.

Bonnie Fatio

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