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Add Pizzazz To Your “Thank you.”

December 1st, 2009

Thank you

Do you say “Thank you”?  Of course you do.  You say it multiple times a day.  But do you say it mechanically without any real thought or feeling or do you say it with enthusiasm and a special lilt or timbre to your voice?

Thank you isn’t enough.  Part of being thankful – and we AgeEsteemers know it is important to our well-being – is to acknowledge what we are thankful for.    So why not try the following.

  • The next time you say “Thank you” add what you are thanking the person for.  It might be “Thank you for making it fun to shop here, for your cheery smile, for letting me know you like my singing, for opening the door…
  • When you say “Thank you” make eye contact with the person you are thanking and smile. 
  • Put some spice and rythym into your voice.  Sing the words.  Add that spark of pizzazz!
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