Images: Older People – An Attractive Image?!

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Older People – An Attractive Image?

So how can older people present an attractive image to the younger generations, become role models rather than being viewed as a potential social burden? We cannot try to force feed them our life experience, but if we can show an open-minded, forward-looking attitude, rather than condemning the modern way of life, it is a start.

Think positive, maybe seek out ways of helping the less privileged, many charities will welcome us with open arms. Trying to find ways to meet the challenges of climate change and population growth, which will have an immense impact on our grandchildren’s future lifestyle, offers the chance to become involved and work alongside people of all ages.

The opportunities to contribute to society are endless; we can all find something useful to do in one way or another, depending on our abilities and inclination. Doing things for and with others and really participating in team-work can break down age barriers and give everyone a new view and respect for each other’s generation.

If around all that you still have the time, take up a new hobby too. Make sure that it is something that you will become passionate about; do whatever it is with passion and then share your passion with others. Enthusiasm is very infectious.

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Images: A View Of Online-Dating At 65+

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A View Of Online-Dating At 65+

I happened to look through the photographs of the over 65’s posted on an online-dating site. What a sorry looking lot! I have seen more smiling faces at a funeral. Who do they think they are going to attract? Are they trying to ensure in-house geriatric nursing care and how do they visualize their remaining years? In reply to a question asking what were their projects for the future the majority said they had none. What a negative image to present to potential soul mates.

On the female side of the site smiles abounded and it seemed that the women wanted to present a picture of cheerful, positive well-being.  Are these up-beat women as unimpressed by the images presented by their male counterparts as I was?

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Images: Perceptions

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If I now start to wear with pride my signs of ‘seniority’, not just shudder at them, and l work on my new smiling face, I wonder how I will be perceived by other people. Will they see that I am an individual who still has a life to lead and can they accept that I am not a has-been who is fit only for the life of a spectator? Is this how most people still see the older generations and how merited is this view?

How do I see other people of my generation and how do I relate to them? Do their signs of ageing repulse me or is it that I can accept them in others but not in myself? Well I think lots of the men of my own age, or older, look great! The fit, slim, bright eyed ones, out enjoying the opportunities that their good health offers. You see them sailing, jogging, cycling, skiing; the benefits of exercise and a healthy life-style are self-evident. The future looks good for them.

They are not all so lucky though. Many are already suffering from ill health, creaking joints or failing hearts. Years of sedentary working, too many calories and lack of exercise has taken its toll They have no choice but to accept the status quo and find enjoyment in less active pastimes.

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Images: I Won’t Be Categorized

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I Won’t Be Categorized

I think that a major part of my inability to acknowledge where I have got to in my life is that I find the wholesale categorization of people into neat euphemistically labeled packages is utterly senseless. We are all different.

The Elderly, Senior Citizens, Golden Oldies, these labels all conjure up images of Dear Old Things with sticks or Zimmer-frames, slippers by the fire, knitting away with arthritic fingers. That was Retirement in the old days. Most of us aren’t like that now.

If I want to learn to dance I want to join a dance class, not a well-intentioned ‘Senior’s’ class. I want to match my riding skills to competitors of all ages, ski with other people of my ability, old or young. Learn to sail, die from falling from the North face of the Eiger, rather than in a geriatric ward where the nurses will call me ‘Dear’. Now that really would turn me into a Grumpy Old Woman.

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Images: My Self-Image

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My Self-Image

When I look down at myself I see the ‘me’ that has been there since I grew up, same height, same weight. This ‘me’ can still out-sprint my seven-year- old grandson, (though he is now showing that he can go further than me), swim faster than him, (though relative size might play a part in that), ride horses better than most people, work longer hours, delight in being silly, and still enjoy active life in a whole-hearted way.

Then I catch a glance of my entire self in a mirror, and I see an almost complete stranger. My self-image reflects the person I feel inside, happy, confident, probably humming a song in my head. The image in the mirror is of a grumpy-looking, care-worn old woman, and I see the ‘me’ that others see. My self- image has tactfully omitted to have a face.

Now my financial resources would not stretch to pay for radical cosmetic surgery and in any case, I am not sure that that would be really ‘me’ either. I may hanker a bit for the benefits of the odd tweak here and there, and a dental makeover would certainly be a great improvement, but I don’t think I would like to go further than that. No, the real change needs to come from within. I must allow my inner cheerfulness to be reflected in my expression so that I become more in harmony with my outward image.

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Images: A Certain Age

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A Certain Age

I am a woman of a ‘Certain Age‘; that much I am now willing to admit. It is a pleasantly vague description for someone of indeterminate years, but I fear that even then I am flattering myself and that it is no longer how others see me. However, that I am no longer ‘young’ is self-evident, even to my deluded subconscious. How should I now see myself?

Many years ago I made a conscious decision to op-out of ‘Middle-Age’ and I still think it was an excellent idea; I just carried on doing what I had always done, without a backward glance and not a forward one either. To me the concept of ‘Middle-Age’ is the embodiment of Boring, spelt with a capital B; to stop regarding yourself as young, to stop doing fun things, to slow down, get fat and think you are ‘past it’; all that is as far from my philosophy as it is possible to get. But it’s the first three words of this paragraph that make me a bit nervous.

If I ever analysed the label ‘of a Certain Age’, I would see it used to describe a woman who was in, perhaps, her mid-fifties; past Middle Age, but not yet Old. I now have a nasty suspicion that many other people would now look at me and put me into the latter category, that is if they even actually notice me. What is sad is that I do not feel myself that way at all.

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A New Day

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A New Day

Today is a new day – a new gift from heaven. What will it bring? How will it unfold? Only time will tell.

You control what your day will be. It will be filled with decisions that you, and you alone, will make to direct its course.

Most important is how you choose to get up and greet the day. Will you do it by staying in bed that extra bit to review your aches and pains? (Yes, you may have many!) Will you create your intentions for the day before stretching and sliding out of bed? Will you spontaneously bound (at your own speed of light) out of bed with excitement for the new day?

This first choice will set the course of your waking hours.

My favorite days are the ones when I give myself extra time. I get up and make a cup of green tea to take back to bed with me. While the tea cools enough to drink, I plop myself in a seated position among the pillows and let my self coast between wakefulness and sleep, setting my mind free.

It is often a time when I write, putting my thoughts on paper. Other times I play my day forward, knowing that it will be wonderful. It is also an opportune time to give thanks for the blessings that I have. Each of these sets my day off to a better start.

As I drink my tea I am peaceful, relaxed, and ready to live my day fully.

Some days I even have a second cup of tea!

How do you begin your day?

Bonnie Fatio

Happy International Women’s Day 2017!

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Happy International Women’s Day !

On this day of celebration and hope, I look back on our grandmothers and great-grandmothers who blazed a trail for us, each in their own way.

My maternal grandmother, shown sitting in this photo, was petite, beautiful, and strong. She was a perfect wife and mother of the times, and also a sought-after speaker with inspiring messages. I can still feel her love and hear her tinkling laughter; and oh how we loved to hear the stories she created for our childhood imaginations.

She was among the women who have shaped our world.

Bonnie Fatio

Pat Iyer’s podcast with Bonnie on Legal Nurse

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Bonnie-Fatio-PollockHow to Combat Your Worst Enemy

Listen to the Podcast

Bonnie Fatio personifies age esteem. Bonnie guides and challenges us to face our worst enemy. She helps us think differently about ourselves in order to set our inner self free to shine, share our talents and act on our dreams at every age.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Bonnie Fatio chat about these points:

  • What does age esteem mean?
  • What are the stereotypes that exist about older adults?
  • How we can overcome all this stereotyping
  • How to transform your thoughts and your language to embrace age esteem
  • Who is your worst enemy?
  • Why we need to have people around us who stimulate us and who challenge us
  • Relationships you have as a child are going to influence how positively and healthily you age

David Shriner-Cahn’s interview with Bonnie Smashing the Plateau

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Listen to the Interview

Bonnie Fatio wants you to embrace your age, realize your worth, and start reaching your full potential. As an internationally recognized motivational speaker (and Founder of AgeEsteem®), Bonnie knows how to transform people into their best selves – not to mention powerful leaders. Today she reveals how to harness your individuality and share your genius with the world.

Topics include:

  • Learning from the past to push yourself forward
  • Becoming who you are instead of who you should be
  • Stepping into your own leadership power
  • Visions vs. goals
  • Why you always need professional help (and where to find it)