Happy International Women’s Day 2017!

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Happy International Women’s Day !

On this day of celebration and hope, I look back on our grandmothers and great-grandmothers who blazed a trail for us, each in their own way.

My maternal grandmother, shown sitting in this photo, was petite, beautiful, and strong. She was a perfect wife and mother of the times, and also a sought-after speaker with inspiring messages. I can still feel her love and hear her tinkling laughter; and oh how we loved to hear the stories she created for our childhood imaginations.

She was among the women who have shaped our world.

Bonnie Fatio

Pat Iyer’s podcast with Bonnie on Legal Nurse

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Bonnie-Fatio-PollockHow to Combat Your Worst Enemy

Listen to the Podcast

Bonnie Fatio personifies age esteem. Bonnie guides and challenges us to face our worst enemy. She helps us think differently about ourselves in order to set our inner self free to shine, share our talents and act on our dreams at every age.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Bonnie Fatio chat about these points:

  • What does age esteem mean?
  • What are the stereotypes that exist about older adults?
  • How we can overcome all this stereotyping
  • How to transform your thoughts and your language to embrace age esteem
  • Who is your worst enemy?
  • Why we need to have people around us who stimulate us and who challenge us
  • Relationships you have as a child are going to influence how positively and healthily you age

David Shriner-Cahn’s interview with Bonnie Smashing the Plateau

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Listen to the Interview

Bonnie Fatio wants you to embrace your age, realize your worth, and start reaching your full potential. As an internationally recognized motivational speaker (and Founder of AgeEsteem®), Bonnie knows how to transform people into their best selves – not to mention powerful leaders. Today she reveals how to harness your individuality and share your genius with the world.

Topics include:

  • Learning from the past to push yourself forward
  • Becoming who you are instead of who you should be
  • Stepping into your own leadership power
  • Visions vs. goals
  • Why you always need professional help (and where to find it)

My 2017 Age Esteem Wishes For You

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My 2017 Age Esteem Wishes For You  

  1. Live each day fully.
  2. Stretch your body, mind and spirit.
  3. Inhale happiness and love; exhale pain and fear.
  4. Embrace new experiences.
  5. Fill your mind with love and happy thoughts.
  6. Build play into your day.
  7. Share your talents with others of all ages.
  8. Learn something new each day.
  9. Laugh often.
  10. Celebrate frequently.
  11. Love yourself unconditionally.
  12. Seek the positive in each person and experience.
  13. Give thanks for the blessings of your life.
  14. Meet new challenges with a sense of adventure.
  15. Greet each new day with anticipation and zest.
  16. Reach out to others in need.
  17. Become a living model of Age Esteem for those who meet you!

 With love and gratitude for all you have done, the person you are, and all that you are becoming,

Bonnie Fatio

A Christmas Wish

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A Christmas Wish

In our home we celebrate Christmas. No matter what you may or may not celebrate in your own heart and home, let me wish you a Merry Christmas as a way to say,

May the peace and the promise of this day be with you throughout your whole life.

lovingly,  Bonnie


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Does the accumulation of years sometimes get you down?  Then have an injection of positivity from Bonnie Fatio, the Founder of AgeEsteem, an organisation which provides everyone with the vision and means to live our lives fully at every age with a positive attitude”. 

Based in Switzerland but accessible from anywhere in the world, Bonnie is a highly experienced motivational speaker and coach who decided to tackle the negative views and stereotyping about seniors that abound in society, and which we ourselves absorb to our detriment.  She envisions “a world where age and aging are celebrated and people of all ages are recognized as important, contributing members of society” and works hard to promote this.   Bonnie is a sought-after speaker around the globe, and runs workshops to help people feel good about themselves at any age, as well as contributing her advice and message to other organisations, including the United Nations.

You can read about Bonnie and AgeEsteem on her website  www.ageesteem.com  where you can sign up to receive her zesty newsletters as I do and even receive free e-gifts from this inspirational lady.   Go on, get a regular dose of Age Esteem. It’s all completely free and is equally valid for men and women.

Written by age-esteemer Debbie King, this was first published on her blog, Age With Me. Debbie lives AgeEsteem. She has attended AgeEsteem workshops and models positive aging in all she does. I encourage you to visit her site to learn more.  Thank you, Debbie King! – Bonnie Fatio


UN Special – Age Esteem At Any Age

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UN Special – Age Esteem At Any Age

Ageing is a part of life. We may have different expectations about ageing, but for some, having no control over this natural course triggers anxiety and denial. Not so for Bonnie Lou Fatio (pictured here), an internationally recognized motivational speaker and author and founder of AgeEsteem. Her vision is a world where age and ageing are celebrated and people of all ages are respected as contributing members of society.

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A Time To Remember

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Version 2Four of the women who have influenced my life.

A Time To Remember

“We stand on the shoulders of those who go before us.” Kenyan Proverb

In many parts of the world a day set aside each year to remember those who have died, those who have gone before us. All Saints Day, following Halloween is one such a day. It is a time to remember those who have positively influenced our lives, whether or not they were people we knew personally.

Each person leaves a legacy. And no matter how great or small their imprint may seem to the masses, to a chosen few that imprint has been inspirational.

When I think of my own mother I am overwhelmed by the richness of all she taught me through her actions and her words. She has not been written up in history books, yet she positively influenced the lives of a multitude of youth as a teacher, and families through her church work. Her outreach increased even further when she authored seven books after taking early retirement due to diminished vision. (Yes, she wrote her books typing on an old state-of-the-art Smith-Corona despite severely impaired vision.)

You, too, have people in your life who may seem insignificant to the world at large, but who have been important to your growth into the person you have become. Take a moment to remember each of these people and to be thankful.

People with age-esteem are grateful for those who have influenced their lives.

Bonnie Fatio

I Don’t Want To Be Called Grandma

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I Don’t Want To Be Called Grandma

This is a comment that I hear often. “I don’t want to be called Grandma. It makes me feel old.”

Why is this? Based on my years of work with AgeEsteem with people in multiple countries, I am convinced that it is because our own image of what a grandparent represents has not evolved. We still hold a picture in our minds of our own grandparents as they were two generations ago.

We need to up date our own thinking!

When our first granddaughter was expected, people asked me, “What do you want her to call you?” My answer was that I was unsure. – Perhaps Grandma Bonnie, perhaps just Grandma. I thought that it would be clear to me once she was born. However, when Jessica entered the world I was still uncertain, though I referred to myself as Grandma.

Jessica took the situation into her own hands when she began to speak. She was probably trying to copy her parents and call me Bonnie, but it came out as “Baline”. She is now four and the name has been confirmed by her younger sister, Viviane. Baline I am and Baline I will remain.

I lovingly say that Baline is a cross between a “baleine” which is the French word for whale and a “ballerine”, French for ballerina! It fits me well.

No matter what name or title is used, I am proud to be a grandmother! I delight in my special relationship as grandmother to these two little girls.   Being Grandma is precious to me!

Bonnie Fatio (2011)

Children Cherish “Grandparents”

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Children Cherish “Grandparents”

When I posted the above photo of me with my great-nephews on the AgeEsteem website, I received so many positive comments that I know there are multitudes of you who feel like I do. Children are one of the joys of life.

Children also cherish contact with older people. It is natural for them to gravitate towards us. It is as though they realize that we offer an additional dimension to living. Certainly we are different from their parents in multiple ways, including having time to listen to them.

I listened to a radio interviewer question children of diverse ages on how they would describe their grandparents or whoever they relate to in that way. One of the strongest common characteristics was that a grandparent was someone who listened. Really listened. It was a person who took time to show interest in them by listening to them actively without overt judgement.

What a powerful role this is! Imagine the importance of having someone listen to you without judgement. It means that you are able to truly share your thoughts and to sort out your own thinking by speaking these thoughts and sharing them with another person who you trust.

Bonnie Fatio